Home’s Exclusive Material Package Guarantee

At Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre, we want you to be successful in your home or cottage building project. Success means building on time and within budget. That’s why we back up all of our packages with this exclusive guarantee.


When you buy your Beaver Homes & Cottages Material Package, we guarantee:


Whether you select a standard model or have our Architectural Solutions Group modify a model to your specifications, the finished design will meet the requirements of the National and Provincial Building Codes.


Your Beaver Material Package, as described in the Beaver Homes & Cottages Package Specifications, shall be sufficient to complete construction accordance with the National and Provincial Building Codes and the construction drawings supplied with your Beaver Material Package.


The price of the Premium Material Package as originally described in the agreement to purchase with Home Hardware, will not increase from the beginning of the project through completion, in normal construction time.


The standards of building components and other materials supplied by Home Hardware at the time of purchase conform to, or exceed, the National Building Code of Canada, as well as Provincial Codes. All manufactured products are covered by specific Manufacturer Warranties. The workmanship of all building products and components supplied by Home Hardware are guaranteed to be of a standard acceptable to good building practice.

* Valid with a signed and accepted agreement to purchase a Beaver Homes & Cottages Material Package.